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Hi! I'm a Communications Strategist and Developer. I'm also Newly Minnesotan, and very glad to meet you.

I'm originally from Long Island, and recently moved here with Sam, who's pursuing her PhD and is lovely.

Here are some of the fine companies I’ve gotten to work with:

(and yes, some means there are more, so just ask!)



Long story short, I've spent the past seven years helping all sorts of people with everything from Brand Strategy to Advertising Production to Project Management, and I love it.



But there’s just one problem:




I live in Minneapolis now, so my office is roughly 1,300 miles away.




I mean, I like Skype as much as the next guy, but it’ll never beat that feeling you get when you’re actually in the room with people and an idea.


That energy, you know?



Truth is, I'm here for the next five years (at least!), and I'd really like to do this sort of work with someone like you – right here in Scenic Minneapolis.

So, what do you say?

I'd love to hear from you. And really, who doesn't like a handy contact form?


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